Suganya Balan

Suganya began her journey in dance at the age of 6. Her love for dance gradually changed to deep routed passion and serious pursuit. Suganya is a dance teacher at BharataShetra Natyala Dance Academy and is presently mentored by Guru. Smt.Vasantha Kumari.

Fluid grace, neat Nritta and finesse in expression mark her performance. Suganya has performed in many coveted platforms and reputed dance festivals in India, Europe and UK.

Suganya will be presenting ‘Aavaahanam – Summoning the Celestials’ This presentation is an attempt to exhibit the mystique and majesty of Bharatanatyam. Magical verses from sacred texts and intricate dance movements transform to experience divine energy. In a string of profound song selected from classical dance repertoire, performed against a canvas of powerful poetry charged with different emotions Aavaahanam transcend to summon the celestials.

Sat 24 Nov 2018 / 2-10pm
Redbridge Town Hall


£11.23 – £32.57
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