Mysore Chandan Kumar

Chandan is an accomplished A-grade Flutist of All India Radio and Doordarshan. He has performed in major sabhas in India and abroad. The main characteristics of Chandan’s virile style are powerful blow, soul-moving melody and refreshing creativity all resting on rigour. His innovative mind is ever in quest of new horizons and fresh expositions. Thus each of his concerts has rightly earned the epithet “a singing flutist”. When he develops any musical composition(vaggeyakriti) a discerning listener can ‘hear’ the text syllable by syllable. It is called gayaki style. He is also technically skilled to knit himself in Jugalbandhi concerts with prominent hindusthani artistes and also leads in prestigious percussion ensembles, which makes his rendering Versatile.

Chandan has toured the USA and other countries several times.