Julia Siedl Trio

Julia Siedl (A) – piano
Stefan Pista Bartus (SK) – bass
Andjelko Stupar (SRB) – drums

The band brings exiting and rich compositions to the stage that draw their inspiration from many different corners, styles, cultures and grooves. Julia is a very versatile and creative pianist and composer which shows in her latest Trio CD „Good News“. During the last years she has been working with excellent artists form the Jazz Scene, with musicians from Brazil, West Africa, Syria, Argentina, from the Balkans, among others.

All these influences appear in her music in a very organic, emotionally touching and beautiful way. The trio, together with Stefan Pista Bartus and Andjelko Stupar, both among the top Jazz players in Europe, has developed it´s own sound and musicial language, full of energy, color, harmonic richness, and natural interaction. To watch and listen to them is a totally enjoyable and unique experience for every kind of audience worldwide.

Pianist Julia Siedl is one of the most exciting discoveries of the Austrian Jazzszene

Mica Austria