Grand Sitar Symphony

“GRAND SITAR SYMPHONY” – A rich and royal musical ensemble of Grand Indian music with Sitar in the core braced with Tabla, Flute, Saxophone, Keyboard, and Drums. Sitar Symphony is a musical concoction of modern elements blended with conventional music culture of renowned sitar players. Bangalore’s well known artists with their vast knowledge, talent and experience in the music industry have churned out this project to elevate it to meet the international standards.

Sitar has been considered as an integral part of India’s Hindustani Music for more than 300 years. The magical beats by striking the most melodious chords is undeniably, a soul stirring experience .Their performance evokes a sense of all kinds of music, compositions in hindustani and Carnatic classical music, filmy melodies, devotional, western, folk etc., which is presented by a group of sitar players, synchronised with other instrumentalists. All these artists express a perfect blend of technique, knowledge of ragas and scales of many genres. Every composition performed by them attracts the environs, which in turn, re-creates the world for the Rasikas.

Grand Sitar Symphony

Artist Details 


Sumarani, Shruti Kamath, Srinivas H P, Kishore Lingappa, Hamsini Bharadwaj, Nikhil Joshi, Vijay B Gonhalu, Subramanya Hegde, Sumukh Rao, Sanjay H


Pradyumna Soraba, Vikas Naregal 


Shadrach Solomon, Venugopal Venky

Drums & Rhythm Pads

Praveen Shanmugam 

Flute & Saxophone

Sandeep Vasishta